Death Jr. 2: Root of Evil

In Death, Jr. 2 players have the ability to control either DJ or his goth friend Pandora and team up via wireless cooperative play in an all-new story that takes them into a conflict against an army of evil toys, robotic llamas, mutant mall security guards, and an evil waffle restaurant. Each of the characters has their own set of moves, weaponry and gameplay style, as they explore open-ended levels such as the Toy Graveyard, an abandoned Military Base, Saw Mill, the River Styx and the most disturbing mall ever rendered in a video game. Death, Jr. 2 expands upon its action-platforming foundation with all-new upgradeable weapons such as the Flaming TP Thrower, Cherry Bomb Launcher, Pandora's Tommy Gun, the enhanced C4 Hamster Mark II and even more outrageous melee attacks. Players will also enjoy an improved camera system, enhanced controls, complex enemy AI and the all-new Rage Mode which enables them to unleash Reaper Madness and Pandemonium upon their hapless enemies.