Disciples III: Renaissance

Disciples III continues and improves upon the core concepts of the Disciples series. Advances in gameplay and the addition of new elements will make the game richer and more interesting. The visual design follows the original ominous and gloomy style of the Disciples world, but now the entire game environment and every individual unit is in full 3D. The combat system will be significantly improved by adding new elements. Disciples III allows a Lord to use spells on the battlefield. Casting utilizes mana, magic energy that is acquired from controlled sources, plus spell cards that can be bought or found. Travel on a global map will be implemented as in Disciples II - via a point & click system. Now, you can also split groups at any time, and units will be able to travel without an accompanying Leader. New terrain features will also be added - rivers and gullies that can be crossed by bridges or by flying aboard an aircraft.