Life is Feudal: MMO [PC] How to Form a Guild and Claim Your Land
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In today's new trailer, developer Bitbox walks you through setting up a guild (find 10 friends first!), and staking a land claim. But be wary, each type of land offers a special boon, and bane - the winter-lands, for example, offer plenty of logging opportunities, but little hunting - while the sunny grasslands offer warmth, and abundant game, but due to dry heat, make for difficult farming. Once you've picked a perfect spot, it's time to build a Monument to stake your guild's claim. With your Monument is in place, that land is yours, meaning no enemies may sneak in and steal from you, nor may they trespass without your knowledge. Lastly, if you sacrifice valuable resources at the Monument, you'll "power it up", which offers you increased strength and influence in the game world.