Xing: The Land Beyond - Rainforest Demo
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This is a demo of the intro to the Rainforest level in XING: The Land Beyond, made in Unreal Engine 4, and features Oculus Rift support.

Like all Unreal 4 demos, you’ll need DX11 and the VS 2013 redistributables.

Once you have those, simply unzip the archive and double click the shortcut for XING. VR mode should be enabled by default if your Rift plugged in and on, but in case it isn't, try going into the settings menu by pressing ESC or start (360 controller) and toggling fullscreen and/or the Rift toggle. The demo is fully playable with or without a Rift.

Note: There are currently 2 graphics settings, and the default is low. You can change this by going to the settings in the menu (Esc/Menu) .

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