Battlefield 2142 - v1.40 -> 1.50 Patch
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Update 1.50 is a big step for Battlefield as it is the first time EA has included community created maps and included them into an update. Wake Island makes a come back thanks to The Sir. Community and appears alongside a brand new map new to Battlefield created by Jason Brice, Operation Shingle. Also, for those who prefer to fight on foot, EA DICE has added a No Vehicle option to a number of maps to allow you to fight without worrying if you’ll come face to face with a Battle Walker. Also, as requested by match broadcasting groups EA has separated the Commanders voice volume from the Sound Effects so you can keep the explosions and gun fire without the Commander interrupting the broadcast.

Filename: BF2142_Incremental_Update_1.40_-_1.50Beta.exe
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